A Spot of Adventure

Looking for a Spot of Adventure?
Welcome to the Party!

Welcome to the Stone Inn! This run down building is located just on the edge of a small, nameless hamlet somewhere in the southern reaches of the Dales. The innkeeper is a friendly sort but quick to business. And by business, he means ale, food, and beds. There is a small stable outside, large enough to keep a few horses (2-3) and any other animals for just a few coins. Prices are fair and so are the services.

The Innkeeper is joined by a portly young lass (possibly his daughter) who serves as the tavern wench and server. She is usually found bustling about filling mugs and fending off flirting gestures of the men in the room.

The kitchen is located in the back of the inn and run by an older, matronly woman (probably the innkeeper’s wife) and is usually busy in the evenings.

The innkeeper’s son is also about. This burly lad restocks the firewood and keeps the peace in the inn. He is usually found sitting behind the bar helping his father with restocking the barrels of ale and wine or outside tending to the stables.


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